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Chad Stafford
Chad Stafford

If you ask someone to describe their dream vacation, I defy you to find anyone who can immediately describe something more fun, more involved, or more logistically complex than Chad Stafford.

“I want to start in Oregon and take a train through the Northern part of the country,” he begins, innocuously enough. “And then get out and hike and backpack through Idaho and Montana. Then I’ll get back on the train, take it to Chicago, rent a car and continue heading east to hit all the best rollercoasters through Ohio and down the East Coast.” This is where it seems like he’ll be done, but the fantasy splits in two directions here. In one version Chad is shipping his backpack home to Colorado in order to rent a motorcycle and ride back home, and in the other, he’s flying to Europe to hike amongst their tallest peaks.

Listening to it, you begin to wonder if we’re all dreaming a bit small because that journey sounds epic. And it’s thoroughly appropriate once you get to know Chad. Self-described as adventurous, passionate, and sincere, Chad is a guy who isn’t content to limit himself to a narrow slice of human experience.

Ask him his favorite restaurants, he’ll give you a laundry list of spots to hit around Denver ranging from Asian to Mexican to anything else. Favorite music? He’ll give you a diverse set of his favorites that would make the editor of Rolling Stone jealous. Love of animals? He’ll describe how much he loves going to the Wild Animal Sanctuary, and in the next breath effusively describe some of his favorites.

Chad is a curator of experiences, and this helps to make him a successful agent because he understands real estate from a variety of angles, as well. “I worked in the mortgage business for six years,” he says. “So, I can help my clients understand that part of the process, which can be really stressful, in a way that puts them at ease. I help them set expectations right up front, which can make the rest of process much smoother.”

Chad loves to make people happy. It’s not a surprise considering even hearing about his dream vacation inspires feelings of pure joy. And it’s definitely not a surprise that even if we never take that epic trip across the country with Chad, that he’ll be your trusted guide on the journey of a real estate deal.

3 Completely Random Facts About Chad:

  • Now then, about some of those favorites… For restaurants: “Thai Pot Café, Saigon Bowl, A Taste of Thailand, The 9th Door, Una Mas Taqueria, El Chingon Mexican Bistro, Los Chingones, Tacos Tequila & Whiskey, Chile Verde…” He could keep going.
  • Music: “I love international eclectic stuff, electronic jazz, I’m huge into classic rock, big into punk rock, 80s alternative, and I love Flamenco guitar, big band swing…” He could keep going.
  • Once upon a time: Chad’s ultimate dream job was concert promoter.
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