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Russell Gellman
Russell Gellman

Russell Gellman is grateful every day that he’s able to blend his passion for real estate with his passion for helping other people. After growing up in Dallas, he graduated top of his class with a Finance degree at the University of Texas at Austin and worked at Dell for five years before officially pursuing real estate full-time.

Russell was initially drawn to the industry after seeing success through his own personal real estate endeavors. In addition to being an agent at BSW, he currently owns three properties, manages two more, and is working on a duplex development near Sloan’s Lake.

Russell’s business model as an agent is based around the fundamental belief that if you do the right thing for your clients, your business will grow organically. Renowned for his hard work and honesty, he focuses on not only finding a dream home for clients, but also dives into the financial side of the purchase or sale to ensure that all of his clients make good financial investments that will help them build wealth for years to come.

In his free time, Russell loves to play soccer and enjoys almost every Denver mountain activity: snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking, just to name a few. He lives near Sloan’s Lake with his beautiful girlfriend Keara and puppy named Nala. As cliché as it sounds, whether someone has future real estate goals or not, Russell also just genuinely loves to grab beers with people and talk about real estate–as he’s always trying to learn and grow in the industry.

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