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Tanya Lores
Tanya Lores

Growing up in Colorado, Tanya holds such a special place in her heart for the neighborhoods and people here. Being able to help others also fall in love with their neighborhoods—new and old—brings her so much joy and fulfillment. Tanya grew up in Littleton and has lived all over Denver Metro throughout her adult life. While she has lived in other states, she has always found her way back home. After graduating from Columbine High School, Tanya attended Metropolitan State University of Denver for Business Management. Following graduation, she received her Appraiser’s License and Petroleum Land Management certification.

Tanya first started in real estate reviewing broker price opinions, and then transitioning to the appraisal side of things, performing risk analysis and valuing multi-million dollar loan portfolios. After 11 years in the industry, Tanya decided to transition to oil and gas, eventually becoming a Landman – buying and selling mineral rights (think of it as real estate ownership, but underground!). From working on the analytical side in the appraisal world to the contracts and negotiations side of oil and gas, it all came full circle when she finally became a realtor!

“The best part about what I do is by far the people I get to work with!! It’s always my goal to develop genuine relationships with my clients, so they know they can always count on me. Coming from a place of service over transactions has not only helped me become an incredibly strong real estate agent, but it makes my day-to-day so much more fulfilling. One thing that differentiates me from others is my clients know we are a team through every transaction. We are a collaboration; the client is the decision-maker, and I’m the trusted advisor. We work together to solve problems and come out on top!”

Above anything else, Tanya’s whole world is her family. She’s married with 2 corgis that are probably spoiled on an unhealthy level – “they bring us so much joy!” Tanya is a morning person, loves coffee, and the Denver Nuggets. In her free time, she likes to garden, cook, do yoga, hikes/walks with the dogs, travel and cozy up and watch a great movie (“doesn’t get any better than 90’s B and C rated films”).

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