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Torrey Drake

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Torrey Drake
Broker Associate
Torrey Drake

Born and raised in the ever-so-sunny land of central California, Torrey was pursuing a career as an actor in Los Angeles in his teens. He had small luck with small roles, but life really took a profound turn for him when he performed in a play-festival in the fairy-tale-like land of Colorado.

Immediately, Torrey was in love. From the monumental mountains, the trees, the running rivers, all the way down to the nicest people he had ever met… he really did feel like he was in a different world. Torrey knew he had to be a part of this incredible community – and he had to be a part of it right then.

One big problem though: Torrey owned his own business that operated out of Hollywood, and he couldn’t bring it with him to Colorado. But that problem was solved when he realized the two things he loved most about running his own business: Providing absurdly high levels of customer service and creative marketing. Oh, and Torrey also always loved looking at homes. A lot. Combining those three passions and re-launching his entrepreneurial mindset into the world of real estate was an exciting and easy decision.

“Ever since, I have found a home in taking an approach that is obsessively client-focused. Simply put: My goal is to ‘WOW’ my clients with how simple I make this process for them, and to ‘WOW’ them with how hard I go to work on their behalf.”

On the days Torrey isn’t happily working on behalf of his clients, you can likely find him in a CrossFit gym on the verge of passing out from too many burpees, at a brewery trying out some new sour beers, or out enjoying the beautiful state of Colorado with his Pomeranian puppy and all its wonderful residents.

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